Friday, March 4, 2016

Drony: Use a System Wide Proxy Authentication in your Android Devices

Drony is one of most app which is used by a college student to use university's internet for all app that installed in their phone. As we know that, university's network is using a proxy with authentication that usually only we can use that at browser only. So, with this app, you can access internet network at line, bbm, playstore, and many other apps.
In this post i want to share how to set up drony so it will work well. 

First of all, connect your smartphone to a WiFi and open the Drony app. Then slide left to show the setting tab. In the setting tab, click on Wi-Fi. After that click the WiFi which your device connected. Then fill in "Hostname, Port, Username, and Password". After you fill up all of that scroll down and check sign to 'Proxy Chain'. And the last step is full scroll up and select 'Manual' by clicking proxy type and give a check sign at 'Start Option'.
After finish all step, go back to the first window by slide right and turn on the drony by clicking button at the bottom. Now you can use internet to all app in your smartphone.. :v

# I think if you're smart user, you can click a '?' sign at right top of app and in there you will be guided how to setting up that app :v