Monday, February 29, 2016

Modern Task/Schedule List using Google Calendar

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When my brother visit my rent house, he view my Google Calendar and he said a suggestion "You can posting your Google Calendar experience in your blog, so your blog will have more readers". So, now i take that suggestion. Enjoy Reading... :D

Google Calendar is one of many tools from Google that it is very great and useful apps for us. As we know that all apps from Google is very useful and very great if we can using it. So, these are my tips in using Google Calendar.

1. You have an Android device? of course you must if you haven't. 
My first tips is if you add a number of your friends please ask his birthday and other form on your contact app. Of course save it at your Google Account. Don't save at your phone or your SIM card. After you fill up all form, Google Calendar will automatically syncronize your contact information. Google Calendar will showing your friend's birthday and alarm you when it is his birthday. It is great, isn't? :v
2. What you're doing, add that to your Google Calendar list. 
My second tips is you must add your daily activity, future activity, also past activity so you can track what you're doing. Also if you add your future activity, you wont miss your appointment or your task because it will showing at your calendar list. So, it is great for all of you especially for you who always forgot a task. :v

I think that's all my tips.. i will add more if i have inspiration.. good luck.. 

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