Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To Make Money Through Blog Or Website

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There are actually many ways that we can do to earn money through blog or website that we have.

Here is a more detailed explanation ...

1. PPC program or pay per click

This program is a system of payment per click is where we get paid when someone clicks on ads that we put in your blog or website that we have. Pay per click sites are most popular today is google adsense, Google adsense is an outside company that will pay us through western union or a check. For more information please read my article about google adsense.

Is there a local company for this ppc program?, Of course there is, you can try to follow kliksaya, idblognetwork and Sitti. There have been many successful bloggers through ppc programs that exist.

2. Follow affiliate program

By having a blog, then you can try affiliate programs such as In the affiliate program you will be paid if there are products sold through referrals you have. Payment will be paid by check.

3. CPA program

CPA Program is unique to where we would be paid if there are people who perform a submit action such as email, mobile pin, answer surveys and others. CPA program that you can follow one of them is EWAnetwork.

All you have to remember that the core of the whole program I described above is the traffic from your blog or website you have, so let's focus on building a website or blog traffic and then focus on me to attend one of the above program.

When we really understand how to play from the program that we want, then it would be very easy to figure out how to make money through your blog or website :)

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