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How to Create a Menu "DTree"

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To begin installing this dTree menu, as usual my friend please login to your Blogger account. Then click "Template" > Click on "Edit HTML"

1. Put the code below in the code
<link rel="StyleSheet" href="" type="text/css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
2. Then click Save Template Next thing to do is put my friend dTree HTML code into a sidebar gadget Blog Buddies. The trick, click Layout > Add a Gadget HTML and paste the following HTML code.
<div class="dtree">
<p><a href="javascript: d.openAll();">Open All</a> | <a href="javascript: d.closeAll();">Close All</a></p>
<script type="text/javascript">
d = new dTree('d');
d.add(0,-1,'GIM's BloG');
d.add(1,0,'Folder 01','#.html');
d.add(2,1,'Sub Folder 01',' #.html');
d.add(3,2,'Sub/file Sub Folder 01',' Your link.html');
d.add(4,0,'Folder 02',' #.html');
d.add(5,4,'Sub Folder 02',' #.html');
d.add(6,5,'Sub/file Sub folder 02',' Your link.html');
d.add(7,0,'Folder 03',' #.html');
d.add(8,7,'Sub Folder 03',' #.html');
d.add(9,8,'Sub/file Sub folder 03',' Your link.html','Pictures I've taken over the years','','','img/imgfolder.gif');
d.add(10,0,'File[non-folder]',' Your link.html');
d.add(11,0,'File[non-folder]',' Your link.html');
d.add(12,0,'File Single',' Your link.html','','','img/trash.gif');
//--> </script>

After the Copy Paste, Save gadget buddy..

Ok, we come to know which parts of which must be set to start making folders and which also must be set to create a file only. To begin to know who should be regulated in the creation of folders and files, so that the friend only pay attention to the numbers which I have marked with colors (for writing #. HTML, we discussed after the issue number)

Well, if the friend asked what the purpose of random numbers, random? Actually it's not messy numbers, but the unique number of neatly arranged.

Try to note the difference between the number of buddies who are on the right side and left side. Which is on the left in the order:

While that is not uniform on the right side.

Actually, those numbers can be the friend read as follows:

1, O === >> That is the Main Folder

2, 1 === >> And this is the sub from the main folder, so I gave the figure of one color with the same color, namely red. If you want to add sub ​​folders parasobat main one below it, then write 3.1 or later teman2 d.add (3.1, 'Sub Folder 02', '#. Html'); (because at its core is still following folder number one / main folder)

3, 2 === >> That is the main sub of a sub folder, the folder and it may also be a file. What does he mean? The point is, in essence, all of which have the sub file will be a folder, while the sub who does not have the file then it will be forever (as long as there is no sub who ride him), if parasobat confused, my friend can pay attention to the preview / picture above. Try tuh be seen, every third line of the file would not it? Well that's because the third line is the last part or parts which have not have the sub again.

OK, to which the problem of making the folders and files have ...

The next issue is on the right, namely the words "#. HTML" and "Your Link. HTML"

Why on my part that I marked with a red mark "#" instead of using "Your Link"?

That all being located at each function. What does he mean ...

The point which I have marked with "#", meaning the main folder or sub folder principal. That way the visitors immediately know if that's not the file but the file or folder introduction. This is all my own judgment, maybe some Blogger friends thought of this menu is really similar to the explorer menu, it looks like but just as well as the nature of which resembles the dropdown menu, but the difference would parasobat know. If the explorer menu you can open the folder by clicking on the writings, for example: My Documents or can by clicking the plus-minus sign located on the left side. However, for the dropdown menu is different, we can only click on plus-minus sign just to be able to display the menu which is in it. How the shadow of his friend was there ...?

Then for the words "your link. HTML" link that can be replaced with a buddy. And make sure that my friend has been added to the link is a link which no longer subsidized, that is not a folder.

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