Saturday, March 17, 2012

How To Use Netcut

How to use the correct Netcut? and How does Netcut, consider the following more the following ways.
How to use Netcut - If your home does not have its own internet connection, of course, you'll go to the cafe to browse, download game facebook, tweater, online games, do the work of schools, offices and so forth. Although yet in your town but there are many Internet cafes in certain hours of the cafe is usually full of visitors.

Although we still can browse among the users of the density of the cafe would be divided banwidh with other users an automatic connection will be slow, slow like a snail.

So how about it?

So to overcome this if you want smooth browsing while in the cafe you can use the following Netcut.
With Netcut you can easily manage and track network activity and protects the user from ARP spoof attack.

How does Netcut?

1. Netcut make laptop / computer as a gateway. So he is free to regulate who enters, and who should be kicked out.
2. Works based on ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing.
So she outsmarts the mac address of the computer IP address with another computer.
For example, computer A going communication to B. However, the C mengangu tiba2 communication. Because C has been successful before the incursion in the ARP.
So the C would be like aja tuh diapain data is already in the pickpocket. Going on break, in conjunction all up to him.
3. This Netcut most popular software among the free wifi internet users.

How to use Netcut?

1. Netcut usage is very easy and simple once.
2. Download first Netcut> install on the computer> Then run the software
3. Just choose the IP / Hostname / Mac Address client who decided to cut off the connection and clicking.
4. Users will be immediately cut off the connection from the server until you release him or her by clicking the Resume or replace its own IP address.

To download it click here
Meanwhile, to protect your computer from attacks netcut click here


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