Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To Scan Virus Website

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If you have a website / blog hosting in itself certainly does not hurt to scan your website to ensure kemanannya, who knew there was a virus embedded in it. Or if you are visiting a particular website smelly "underground", warez, torrent, or mature content "XXX", you should make sure the security of the website (often there are reports that such webs often include virus or spyware into your computer).

Usually the signs are infected website:

  • Your website loading time
  • There are popups or alert messages that appear without you knowing
  • When visiting your website, you are suddenly transferred to another website (the term redirects)
  • Antivirus on your computer warn you that the website is less safe
  • Your site listed at and much more

Right now there is a free facility that can scan for viruses as a website, you can visit to (this web virus scan and not in the file to your computer)
Easy to use, just enter a web address that you suspect

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  1. hey good information for website virus scan. Is it possible to remove virus from that site????