Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Greatest Love Synopsis

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Ae Jung was once the most popular member of girl band The National Treasure Girls. However 10 years ago the band broke up and she received most of the blame. Despite her warm personality her career has suffered ever since and she now spends her time fighting for air time on variety shows. Dokko Jin is a top movie star at the height of his career. The two meet and become involved in each other's careers. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but agrees to make a dating show. Dokko Jin helps get Ae Jung a role on a new reality show called Couple Making. Pil Joo is the bachelor being set up on Couple Making. Both men fall for Ae Jung both off and on the screen.
The Greatest Love Player List:
Yoo In Na as Kang Se Ri.
Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Pil Joo.
Gong Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung.
Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin.
Im Ji Kyu as Kim Jae Suk.
Bae Seul Gi as Han Mi Na.
Yang Han Yeol as Goo Hyung Kyu .
Choi Sung Min as Kim Eun Ho PD.
Park Won Sook as Pil Joo’s mother.
Choi Hwa Jung as Representative Moon.
Lee Hee Jin as Jenny.
Kim Mi Jin as Producer Han Myung Jung.
Jung Man Shik as Director Jang.
Ryu Hyo Young as Ha Roo Mi.
Han Jin Hee as Goo Ja Chul.
Jung Joon Ha as Goo Ae Wan (Ae Jung’s brother/manager).

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