Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Synopsis Pink Lipstick

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The hurt was able to make a woman sweet and kind who want to be vindictive revenge by any means. That is the theme of Korean drama titled Pink Lipstick.

Once Ga Eun Yoo (played by Park Eun Hye) is a kind-hearted girl who are dating and then marrying her boyfriend, Park Jung Woo (played by Lee Joo Hyun). However, he later discovered that her husband had an affair with her best friend, Kim Mi Ran (played by Seo Yoo Jung).

Not only that, Ga Eun gets hit because it also got a great heart to know that their adopted son is actually the child of the relationship and Jung Woo Mi Ran. To get revenge on them, Ga Eun Yoo Ho Maeng married Geol (Dok Go Young Jae), a wealthy draper.

With the support of her husband's wealth, Ga Eun carefully devised a plan to destroy June Woo and Mi Ran. At the same time, Yoo Ga Eun Ha Jae Bum met (played by Park Kwang Hyun), who loved Ga Eun. Jae Bum promise to always be on Ga Eun, no matter what he is doing.
Photo of Pink Lipstick Players:

The list of players pink lipstick:
Yoo family
Park Eun Hye as Yoo Ga Eun
Nam Il Woo as Yoo Dong Gook (father)
Kim Young Ran as Jung Hae Shil (mother)
Moon Ji Yoon as Yoo Sung Eun (brother)
Kim Min Jwa as Yoo Young Eun (sister)
Park family
Lee Joo Hyun as Park Jung Woo
Oh Mi Yeon as Han Bun Nyeo (mother)
MayBee as Park Jung Hee (sister)
Kim Soo Jung as Park Na Ri (Jung Woo & Mi Ran’s daughter)
Kim family
Seo Yoo Jung as Kim Mi Ran
Yoo Ji In as Jung Mal Ja (mother)
Other people
Park Kwang Hyun as Ha Jae Bum
Dok Go Young Jae as Maeng Ho Geol (owner, Taeyang Apparel)
Sung Woong as Maeng Seo Jin (Ho Geol’s son, Jae Bum’s friend)
Lee Sang Hoon as Yeo Ki Byul
Jung Yoo Chan as Young Gyu
Baek Bo Ram as Yoon Na Na
Lee Jung Yong as Yong Kap
Song Ji Eun as Kim Min Joo (Mi Ran’s friend)
Sung Hyuk

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