Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to know the price of your blog or website

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In checking the price of your blog or web apart from knowing how much the price of the work we are positive and also negative in these checks. the positive thing is, if we are to check the blog or check our website and the price turned out to blog.

Or a website we have a high value, automatically we will be happy to do an update post on the blog or our website, but if it turns out otherwise, it will make our spirits to be reduced.

Make the reader want to know the price of your blog or web caraya easy readers, refer it visit this site and the steps - steps that must be followed in checking the reader can see here:

1. After entry to the site, enter your blog or web address you want to see the price on the upper right corner of the box there is the post How much is your website worth. If still confused, please see the following figure:

2. After that, wait a while because the web is to check the website or blog. If the check is complete, then the price of your blog or web site that you enter will appear in the left column that reads This Website Value.

3. Finish

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