Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dangers Of Computer

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Hand Finger Stiffness

Have you ever experienced such a sudden your fingers locked and difficult to be returned to its normal position? If so, you mean eventually suffer health problems from playing computer games. Stiff finger or trigger finger is a condition where the fingers bend and can not be straightened out again spontaneously. This happens because the finger tendons loosen, thus losing their flexibility and become rigid. Trigger finger usually occurs in the elderly due to aging or degenerative process.

Shoulder Pain

Health problems often experienced by those who carry bag with heavy loads, such as carrying a laptop bag. This will happen even if you eventually sit in front of a computer. Although it seems not to use muscle, sitting too long in which to work at the computer with the incorrect position, easy to bring in fatigue, pain, or stiffness in the shoulders, neck, waist, and others.

Posture Disorders

Office workers have to work for 8-10 hours in the office indicating they had to sit almost all day in front of the computer to work. Bending tendency cause interference with the body posture. Excessive pressure can lead to spinal curvature to the front shaped like the letter C.

Dry Eye

Computer users tend to blink less frequently (about 7 times / min vs normal level of about 22/menit). This leads to increased tear evaporation or decreased tear production due to eye strain and fatigue that kept staring at a computer monitor.


Do not be surprised! Impotence is a common occupational hazard today. If you work using a laptop, make sure the knees do not directly, because it can kill sperm. Therefore, always use a mat to protect your reproductive organs from damage, or if allowed to continue to be a cause of impotence.

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