Thursday, January 19, 2012 Evidence That Scam!

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Readbud, I'm sure you've not heard of this name is familiar. Until now the site and the program is still very lively discussed among the seekers of money on the internet (including me). Try now you search in one of our favorite search engines (google), then the search results on readbud so much you find. Numerous articles on Readbud you can find all of whom discuss whether readbud scam or not.

In this article I do not discuss about the chances of dollars from readbud. But I want to share and try to do an investigation on readbud accordance with the evidence and experience during active in

Evidence of Payment readbud

When you search on the evidence of payment of readbud, I'm sure you'll find evidence of payment of it-that, too. Take a look here if so, how do you think? Samakah search results for proof of payment? I'm sure the same with blogs that review the evidence of payment of the amount readbud ($ 62.16 CAD). But is there any other proof of payment? Well, this is still discussed.

I myself have done mostly search sites from both inside and outside and only a few that I found and I had time to record. Among them are these In proof of this payment listed nominal different from those commonly found through search results, the amount ($ 51.74). Proof of payment of the other is this, nominally listed here are different, too at $ 51.12 USD.

Of the many articles that review of the evidence of payment of readbud, only 3 this is what I managed to find. And what about the status of this readbud, if can be said truly to pay or just a scam of some kind! Here's what I'll prove.

Evidence readbud Scam

Some of you may be right to believe in a money-producing programs on the internet after seeing proof of payment. Once the case with readbud, many people who consider the evidence of payment that comes out in the articles your blog is totally and completely trustworthy readbud. However, what if it is seen that is proof of payment-that's too? Well .. lohh .. still can not believe it? Let's see more proof of payment with a nominal $ 64.16 CAD, in every article that discusses the proof of payment of the emerging readbud-it also, what is not strange? Yahh .. If the can says the number of users to tens of thousands of people readbud (active), if the site is not a scam period not seh no other proof of payment.

Proof of this payment may be trapped, so that people interested in trying and assume readbud really be trusted. Or if true, may pay out only once or twice only, let the people on trust and believe that readbud actually paying.

Since at least the evidence of payment of this readbud, provoked me to explore further the truth. Nearly seven months of my active and managed to achieve a minimum Reedem, $ 50.15 USD I finally concluded that readbud is a SCAM. See the screenshot for a payment request (Reedem) dated 19 September 2010 that I can capture:
Evidently so, until this moment there is no payment or report any payment request cancellation of readbud to my email. Even when I want to contact the admin, the link is not working anymore, capcha always shows the wrong article. This further reinforces the notion that truly readbud SCAM.

Agree you with Me?

From the investigation I did and show proof that readbud is a SCAM. What would you say, whether you agree with me? If you agree or not, please give a comment to this.

Okay .. so the investigation regarding this readbud, and I'm sure you've got the answer after reading this article. Readbud was a scam but you can also get benefits from it. Readbud pretty good article and can be used for filling the article on your blog. If you play aggressively with Adsense, article readbud can be very helpful to be used as writing materials in your blog, of course, after the edit-edit a little.

So .. hopefully useful.

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