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Synopsis & Players "Naughty KISS"

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Naughty Kiss Indosiar is korean teen drama by Kim Hyun Joong's major players as Baek Seung-Joo and Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni, teenage lovers can enjoy the Korean Drama impressions Naughty Kiss (Kiss playfull) on Indosiar TV every day at 13:30 pm Monday - Friday starting on June 22, 2011. Korean Drama Naughty Kiss has a number of episodes ost soundtrack 20 with a nice and cool, especially the presence of Kim Hyun Joong's handsome and charming young woman makes the ABG added crazy. Kim Hyun Joong is an F4 personnel who some time ago successfully starred in Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama.

Here are some photos of players Naughty Kiss wallpaper
Naughty Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong - Naughty Kiss

Jung So Min - Naughty Kiss

List of players Naughty Kiss (Kiss playfull)

Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Joo
Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu
Lee Si-young as Yoon Uh Ra
Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri (Ha Ni's Friend)
Seung Yoon Ah as the Go Min Ah (Ha Ni's Friend)
Hong Jang Ah Young as Jang Mi
Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee (Seung Jo's Mom)
Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang (Seung Jo's father)
Hong Won as Choi Eun Baek Jo (Seung Jo's brother)
Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong (Ha Ni's father)

Synopsis Naughty Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong plays as a student called Baek Seung Jo. He is a student who is a perfectionist and very mysterious. Nevertheless, he raises a very deep impression on some students. It could be argued that he was an idol at the campus.

Good looks make Oh Ha Ni, played by Jung So Min, fell in love with someone who is in Baek Seung Jo. However, Baek Seung Jo often indifferent to it. Until they finally split up and meet again. Apparently the parents are both old friends. Starting from the companionship of both their parents, grow seeds of love in ourselves respectively.

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