Thursday, October 13, 2011

Synopsis My Fair Lady

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One more Korean dramas adorn glass screen. Namely, My Fair Lady. Like what the story is taken up in My Fair Lady?

This drama tells the life of Kang Na Hae (Yoon Eun Hye), daughter of the heir to a wealthy family owners Kang San group that controls virtually all aspects of the economy in Korea.

Na who likes to be treated like a princess lived alone in a house called super luxury? Lady Castle? with aides and assistants are mostly handsome face.

Na character is described as beautiful girl, multitalented, but arrogant. He is good at riding, shooting, but also often wishes himself to fire people. That said, the hardness of Hae Na was formed because he never felt the warmth of family.

In this drama Yoon Eun Hye compete acting with Jung Il Woo and Yoon Sang Hyeon. Jung Il Woo as Lee Tae Yeon plays. Meanwhile, Yoon Sang Hyeon played a character named Seo Dong-Chan.

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