Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Make Money in DonkeyMails

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  • Inbox: tap on the box "Your Inbox" if you have the Inbox, then press the link in the "Subject" one @ one. After that, it will come out in a new tab labeled "Message". Then press one of the links under the heading "Paid Ad", do not press that is under the heading "Non Paid Ad". 
  •  Paid to Click (paid2click): Tap on the box "Paid2click", then press one @ one of the five banners (Ads) are emerging.
  • Contest PTC: press on the "Contest PTC", then click each of 350 winners will be at random. Press one @ one Ads, until the writing on the Ads of the first "Next Winner in =" to go back to 350 or less than 350 click. Then you have the chance to win 5 cents.
  • Manual Surftap on the box "Manual Surf", then press "Start Surfing". After that every 15 seconds press the number that corresponds with the number that appears. You will have the opportunity to get 0.1 cents - 0.25 cents.

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