Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Make Money in Clix Sense

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  • Expand referrals, is the fastest way to advertise the url your referal http://www.clixsense.com/?3611722 examples on the site are free or paid advertisers. My advice for free, I recommend webiklan so far contributed a good traffic, others will do.
  • Do not forget to use the language that attracts attention and interest, for example starting the word 'free' in big letters ad title better. Contents try advertising professional, compact and to the point creatives (without the over - exaggerating), and at the appropriate ad category.
  • To reproduce refferal premium, advertising is also to sites classified abroad (search through google with the example the keywords "free classified uk" if want ads appear in the advertiser's site united kingdom (use the language of the United Kingdom). For $ 10 more easy for them.? Looking for a the most popular / many visitors.
  • For owners of blogs, paste the link to your post that contains articles ClixSense when you put it on the blog. Because usually after berjalanya time posting about the ClixSense will be oppressed by the new post-post your others, so do not have time in your guests see who visit your blog
  • Write a review or feedback and reviews about the ClixSense and excess. Do only the banner or link it.
  • As usual, look for a popular blog, make appropriate comments and then link to the url nice comment on a blog that contains your ClixSense promotion (the better commentary increasingly attracting the attention of other visitors to further know about yourself). Others catch up .. he .. he. Tongkrongin continue this blog, while checking the news on laptops advanced to the right of this blog.
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