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Opera-and Communication Technology Problem Junior Class VII

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Information and Communication Technology Problem Junior Class VII 

I. Select the Most Correct Answer Here: 

1. An important component of the data processing computer is ... 
            a. Hardware, Software, Output Devices 
            b. Hardware, Software, Brainware 
            c. Software, CPU, ALU 
            d. Hardware, Software, Input Devices 
2. Here's one data storage medium except ... 
            a. Diskette 
            b. Touch Pad 
            c. Notebook 
            d. flasdisk 
3. Components CPU used to perform arithmetic and logic processes are ... 
            a. Stroge 
            b. Alu 
            c. CPU 
            d. RAM 

4. The keys on the keyboard consists of the numbers 0 s / d 9 and mark the signs of mathematics, the term was called ... 
            a. Alpahanumeric key 
            b. Function Key 
            c. Numeric Key 
            d. Number Key 
5. Elektornik tool that functions like a photocopy machine is called ... 
            a. typewriter 
            b. Printer 
            c. Scanner 
            d. Focus 
6. An extension of the CPU is ... 
            a. Central Protocol Unit 
            b. Central Processing Unique 
            c. Central Processing Unit 
            d. Century Processing Unit 
7. Macintosh operating system software is the type issued by the ... 
            a. Microsoft Corporation 
            b. IBM 
            c. Apple Computer 
            d. Linux 
8. OS / 2 is the operating system produced by ... 
            a. Microsoft 
            b. Windows 
            c. IBM 
            d. Apple 
9. Corel Draw is one of the software ... 
            a. Multimedia 
            b. Percentage 
            c. Graphic 
            d. Processing rates 
10. Fortran is a programming language developed in ... 
            a. 1950 
            b. 1955 
            c. 1960 
            d. 1965 
11. Program that is used for playing music files are ... 
            a. Winamp 
            b. Freecell 
            c. Task Manager 
            d. Ms. Paint 
12. A file created by Corel Draw has the extension ... 
            a. Cdr 
            b. CRM 
            c. CRW 
            d. Ccd 
13. Note the picture below, the so-called flash disk is .... 
14. A set of minimum PC computer consists of ...
1) CPU 
2) Monitor 
3) Keyboard and Mouse 
4) Handycam 
Correct statement is ... 
            a. 1.2 and 4 
            b. 1 and 3 
            c. 2 and 4 
            d. 1,2 and 3 
15. Package programs used for word processing is ... 
            a. MS. Excel 
            b. Pascal 
            c. MS. Access 
            d. MS. Word 
16. The display name below is ... 
            a. Desktop 
            b. Menu DOS 
            c. Word windows 
            d. Processor 
17. Below that includes Hight Level Language except ... 
            a. Basic 
            b. Cobol 
            c. dBase 
            d. Norton 
18. Below is a free program is ... 
            a. Microsoft Word 
            b. Corel Draw 
            c. Lotus 
            d. Linux 
19. The power button that serves to turn on a computer located in the ... 
            a. Monitor 
            b. CPU 
            c. Hard Drive 
            d. CD ROOM 
20. Memenculkan Buttons are used for text in the copy are .... 
            a. Ctrl + V 
            b. Ctrl + C 
            c. Ctrl + X 
d. Ctrl + A 
21. Creating a new document to execute commands in the application MS.Word is ... 
            a. Ctrl + S 
            b. Ctrl + N 
            c. Shift + N 
            d. Shift + O 
22. Opening MS.Word quickly can be done in a way ... 
            a. Shortcut 
            b. Browse 
            c. Start 
            d. Explore 
23. The following command contained in the edit menu is ... 

24. The facilities are used to insert the image on the MS.Word is ... 
            a. ClipArt 
            b. WordArt 
            c. Chart 
            d. Diagram 
25. Here are the steps to create a new folder ... 
            a. Edit> New> Folder 
            b. File> New> Folder 
            c. Insert> New> Folder 
            d. Format> New> Folder 
26. In making the letters bold editing can be done by pressing ... 
            a. Underline 
            b Bold 
            c. Italic 
            d. Arial 
27. Below is part of the desktop, except ... 
            a. Wallpapers 
            b. Taskbar 
            c. Screen Saver 
            d. Explorer 
28. CPU is ... 
            a. The data center diskette 
            b. The data center flash disk 
            c. The data center computer 
            d. Center for computer operations 
29. To turn off the computer with the Windows operating system using the command .... 
            a. Start 
            b. Exit 
            c. Shutdown 
            d. Restart 
30. The place used to store data into a diskette called ... 
            a. Drive C 
            b. Drive D 
            c. Drive A 
            D. Drive G 
31. The storage capacity is on the CD ROOM ... 
            a. 500 MB 
            b. 400 MB 
            c. 600 MB 
            d. 640 MB 
32. Symbols are used to create the forms are ... 
            b. K 

33. Three elements within the computer hardware, software and barainware, is barainware is ... 
            a. Computer users 
            b. The computer 
            c. Computer Helpers 
            d. Computer Equipment 
34. Symbol to create a paragraph to the left is ... 
35. The command used when the presses right mouse button once quickly and then released again called .... 
            a. Mouse pointer 
            b. Shourt cut 
            c. Drag 
            d. Click 
36. One of the multimedia software is ... 
            a. Adobe Photoshop 
            b. Coreldraw 
            c. Windows media palyer 
            d. MacOS 
37. Here's what's not including the type of software is ... 
            a. Operating system 
            b. Program Apilikasi 
            c. Programming Languages 
            d. Storage Media 
38. The menu is used to create table columns are ... 
            a. File 
            b. Insert 
            c. Table 
            d. Format 
39. Which is used to merge cells in the table is ... 
            a. Merge cells 
            b. Spilt cells 
            c. Number cells 
            d. Cells 
40. The system can penomeran we can make in the text by the way ... 
            a. Format> Bullets and Numbering 
            b. Format> Numbering 
            c. Format> Numbering and bullets 
            d. Format> Bullets

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