Saturday, November 27, 2010

3x3 Rubic Play Guide

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Already a few days to learn to play rubic 3x3 Dara finally menemukan formula and the tutorial whichwould make the video direct clay tutor can go directly to / robertmingliang
and download also panduanya in with password: boljugrubiks.
And here's a brief Dara tutors earn from my blog friend
Rubik is a game little boy who is now being ngetrend among the community.
Yes, even though this toy is like a small child's game, but even small children can not finish it easily. Because the game play of logic and your brain. Anyone would be confused by this Rubik, including me.
Before you start, it helps you know the terms that will be used later in the cubic formula.
Well, then you just follow the steps I have made below.
Step 1
- Make a cross (+) white with yellow centers.
- Matching color under the sign of the cross and then play it (F2) so that the white cross now bercenter white.
Step 2
- Create a white bottom all at once "T"
- Formula: R U R '
- Match 2 lines of color on the bottom.
-Formula: U R U 'R' U 'F' U F
Step 3
- Create a yellow cross bercenter yellow.
(I) If any part of the yellow form an L, then L is put at the bottom right corner (upside down of course)
- Formula: f R U R 'U' f '
(Ii) If the yellow line shape (3 color each row) to pass through center, then put a line in a horizontal position.
- Formula: F R U R 'U' F '
(Iii) If it does not establish anything (there was only a yellow dot in the center).
- Formula: FRUR 'U' F 'f RUR' U 'f'
Step 4
- Create a form of "fish" first.
- Find the yellow on the top right corner F.
- Formula: R U R 'U R U2 R'
- Make the top of a completely yellow.
- Formula: R U R 'U R U2 R'
Step 5
- Making both ends of F to be the same color.
(I) If there is already the same side, place it on the left.
(Ii) If not just continue.
- Formula: R U2 R 'U' R U2 eggs' U 'L'
- Move the top center of F so that all sides of the same color.
(I) If the part is moved counterclockwise to clockwise, then use U 'in the following formula.
(Ii) If the part is moved clockwise, then use the U in the following formula.
- Formula: F2 (U / U ') LR' F2 RL '(U / U') F2

Summary formula:

F, R, U, R ', U', F '
R, U, R ', U, R, U2, R'
R, U2, R ', U, R, U2, L, U, R', U ', L'
F2, (U / U '), L, R', F2, R, L ', (U / U'), F2

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